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File: firefox_HAmidBiGoF.png (33 KB, 536x528) [EXIF]
33 KB
April 10th, is gonna be the best townhall ever!

The instance is now up.
Things to discuss:
1. What room should it be held in?

Tripcodes are enabled. k♡♡z will have his "!WezrG/5mtU" trip, so take that, identity theft!
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Meet in the admin bar! Soon we will move to the stage.
File: firefox_x3vGXf6rkV.png (216 KB, 652x433) [EXIF]
216 KB
File: firefox_wKYinb1zuX.png (100 KB, 639x457) [EXIF]
100 KB
I'm there :D
best townhall ever

File: donationBox.jpg (128 KB, 620x620) [EXIF]
128 KB
Would you donate to a starving reimu?
with my semen, yes
File: cumDonation.jpg (403 KB, 1000x1200) [EXIF]
403 KB
I would give her my Heyuri Gold account and then puy a Heyuri Platinum

File: bored.jpg (69 KB, 600x450) [EXIF]
69 KB
My friends and I are bored, Heyuri. Can you entertain us?
File: see.gif (1 KB, 32x32) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
1 KB
watch me pat my belly!

File: worldwillend.png (228 KB, 619x367) [EXIF]
228 KB
How do we stop this, I don't want the world to end.

File: pssshshhwshshh.png (1082 KB, 1400x1000) [EXIF]
1082 KB
no thanks
I don't like dragonite's expression, or the fact that he's looking right at me...
The scariest part is that one can't tell whether he wants our help or to join in.
good piss on that no for good barney looking motherfucker. i'm not spending 2000 hours in the game corner for that shit

46 KB
caption this

They "trust me"

Dumb fucks
fuck you internet hahaha


File: firefox_QeLsoetcQb.png (128 KB, 470x321) [EXIF]
128 KB
What is she beind told?
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File: filename (5).png (945 KB, 1004x834) [EXIF]
945 KB
File: fun.jpg (152 KB, 680x680) [EXIF]
152 KB
This will prevent you from getting your data stolen and used for advertisements use it wisely!
thakn you fun-kun!
Haven't seen this in years. The old trick still works!

36 KB
she is cute that is why she is called Cracky-chan

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File: 11.jpg (160 KB, 480x640) [EXIF]
160 KB
File: 1107896643202.jpg (74 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
74 KB
ugly and mean
shut up and die

File: Screenshot_20210405-084452_1.png (1126 KB, 1440x1080) [EXIF]
1126 KB
watch galaxy angel
confusing perspective..

44 KB
please help heyuri!
recently, i've been watching more gore. normally, i could care less about it. gore has never phased me in life. but recently... i've been starting to enjoy it. i've been watching people die and i burst out laughing over their deaths. i don't care about guro either, but i've been looking at some too, and i got erect over some of it. to put the icing on the cake, i pushed some people off of a tower in my dream, looked over and saw that they died, gruesomely. their eyes were out of their sockets, their blood on the floor, guts spilled out. thank god they were just some touhous
what do i do heyuri? i'm mentally stable. i dont know what to do!
well, if all else fails, k♡♡z has some other sites that would be right up your alley!
Try it out for yourself and report back
File: fujino arisu.jpg (93 KB, 1024x768) [EXIF]
93 KB
Awaken the yandere inside you

File: dolphinTakeover.jpg (58 KB, 570x309) [EXIF]
58 KB
How to we as a nation prepare or delay the inevitable takeover by dolphins?
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The position you have them in makes it look like they're about to become yours
do not be tricked. dolphins of both sexes frequently rape each other and other animals
Stop stating zoology facts, you're giving the furfags ideas!
You're not a furry if you want to get raped by a tight dolphin pussy
I really want a dolphin to rape me with a gun to my head

File: sdg.jpg (27 KB, 325x356) [EXIF]
27 KB
the loli doesnt like mushrooms on pizza
File: creature.png (23 KB, 99x79) [EXIF]
23 KB
No need to worry, mysterious creature-san would eat the mushrooms!
Are you sure that's a child? She looks like she's in her late teens.
pretty shure she's like 12

File: futa marriage.jpg (201 KB, 1280x922) [EXIF]
201 KB
Would you marry a futa?
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File: futa porn.jpg (221 KB, 850x1310) [EXIF]
221 KB
This will be my bride
Postan in a gay thread.
Futanari isn't gay
File: futa porn.png (1468 KB, 1642x924) [EXIF]
1468 KB
best of both worlds

File: 1 (41).gif (79 KB, 272x217) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
79 KB
I would shove 10,000 flaming rods down by urethra for dokuro-chan to do this to me.

What would you do?
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File: 1 (2156).jpg (93 KB, 787x1037) [EXIF]
93 KB
i would like to introduce this thread to a picture of me and my new wife
aww she's so cute
I would relentlessly torture some fags cock for a chance to cuddle with dokuro. So the chances of me cuddling with her are pretty high since there seems to be so many willing participants in this thread

File: unknown (3).png (52 KB, 640x466) [EXIF]
52 KB
what a time capsule!
can anyone explain to me how heyuri was founded ┻┳|・ω・)
according to info.kolyma.org:

>Founded in 2018 as a file-sharing website, Heyuri has had a long and rich history. In November 2019, it started a new life as an Imageboard. The site was for the most part unused and, and almost nothing of note happened until March 2020, when the site gained small traction. In May of 2020, Yuri k♡♡znetsov was hired as the sites server administrator, and in late June the site was migrated to his servers.

or heyurihistoricalsociety.tk:
> As far as the records show, on December 26th, 2018, lolico registered heyuri.cf. Today, the site has been reverted back to what it looked like immediate after lolico created it, but the domain itself has been through a long history of seizures, back and forth ownership and redirects. Lolico originally created the site as a way to sharpen his PHP skills and play around with programming, something he was very new to at the time.
Here's the thread on /g/ from February 2019 in which lolico asks for feedback on Heyuri, back when it was a simple booru/uploader:

Some of the stuff in there is quite foreboding/LOL-worthy in retrospect. Some highlights:

>Well this is emberrassing
>Oops I accidently deleted Heyuri, lukily I found an older version on my computer. So sorry, it wont happen again.

>...So there's no pay for [being a janitor on Heyuri]? What kind of scam you're pulling here?

>If you stubbornly insist on going forwards (like I've never seen that before), then at least do consult some people who have dealt with it before. There are a lot of painful things that can be avoided with enough knowledge, alongside those that can't.

>Okay then, I guess I can at least watch your site burn before too long.
>Also, you can still run scripts on uploads.

>I told you the correct way to fix it. You can do that, or you can attempt to monkey-patch one at a time, which won't really work in the long run.

>Executing arbitrary code on some shitkid's amateur website right now.

>Good job, now you can't view images and such embedded in the browser anymore since you clobbered all filetypes.

>Is there anything stopping somebody from spamming the shit out of your site with some crappy little script?

>i really fucking hate people who go out and start a image host, and not know what they're actually getting themselves into

>Dork Youmu Poster. I should upload several images of youmu bullying as punishment.

>Aside from Discord being pleb tier cancer you realize that completely goes against the point of board communities right? Why post an image on the site instead of in Discord? Why post a comment on the site instead of in Discord?
>The most fundamental part of a website is keeping users on it, not encouraging them to click an offsite link. Remove the Discord shit and actually try to build your site/community.

>The OP has a tendency to do a rough patch of an individual security hole while not actually taking steps to mitigate the entire class of them. See e.g. the XSS issue earlier (the final "fix" was also horrid, serving everything as application/octet-stream).

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